Permaculture Design Texas Hill Country - Drought Proof TX
Need help designing your farm, ranch, homestead, conservation or wildlife paradise? Save thousands of dollars in development and maintenance costs, have a clear focused end goal.
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Permaculture Design Texas Hill Country

Permaculture Design layout
Successful Texas property design starts before the land is purchased and with Texas Topography Maps. For information about property selection visit my blog post here.

Permaculture is the design, creation, and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems and sustainable human settlements. It is a system of design guided by ethics and principles which allow humans to step into our role as a keystone species and create landscapes more resilient and more abundant than nature can without us. 


My Permaculture Design Journey 

Like many people who have been attracted to Permaculture Design, I was initially led down this path because of health concerns. I had become sick with a disease that would burden me the rest of my life and was incurable. The mental effect of this injustice on my health was overwhelming and I could not, would not, accept this outcome. It’s those of us who have been hurt that seek the knowledge and source of true health. To me, the solution wasn’t just taking another pill to suppress symptoms, but I was lost in modern pseudo health sciences.  The real solution was an entire lifestyle change. 

The first time I heard the term ” Permaculture Design ” was while reading an excellent book by Ben Falk called “The Resilient Farm and Homestead” that was published in 2013.  Ben wrote in the book about the importance of clean and nutrient dense food, and I learned the foundation of health is actually in clean water and natural soil fertility. Suddenly the world made a little more sense and I had a focal point to meditate on. It was like I had unlocked some long forgotten ancient wisdom from my ancestors. A few weeks later I made the decision to start changing my life and enrolled in an online Permaculture Design Course with Geoff Lawton in 2014. 

The Change

The Permaculture Design Course was life changing. My perspective changed so much that I gave up my career in the military, moved back closer to home, inevitably was divorced, lost all savings and basically everything I owned. I had to let it all go to pursue my new path.  Looking back now, it was all worth it. The local permaculture community took me in, and I found a niche for myself in soil and water conservation. In 2015 I used my Post 9/11 GI bill to attend a professional construction school heavy equipment operation. In 2016 when Darren Doherty came to Texas to teach his excellent Regrarians Platform, I sat front and center in the classroom the learn as much as possible. During that time and since the beginning I have done over 100 designs implementing permaculture solutions and worked on nearly 200 different properties across Texas doing soil and water conservation projects. I’ve also had the privilege to speak all over Texas about soil and water conservation and teach 4 Permaculture Design Courses with Earth Repair Corps. Today I am more focused than ever, my health has improved greatly, and I enjoy a life worth living doing meaningful work. 


A Variety of Applications

Whether you are a farmer, homesteader, rancher, real estate developer, business owner, gardener, manager of public lands, government organization, or private conservation landowner, proper Permaculture Design can improve your project.  We can build homes that harvest their own water and create their own energy. We can build ethical real estate developments that have virtually zero storm water runoff.  Regenerative agriculture farms and ranches that reduce inputs and creates a more natural healthy product are possible. We can build high quality soils that heal our minds and bodies. We can even Drought Proof Texas. The Texas Living Waters Project determined this work was the best bet for the future of Texas water in 2018. 

We are currently working with government organizations doing soil and water conservation on endangered species habitat. The work being done will prove that we can improve ecosystems that support wildlife that is under threat of extinction. We are also working with government organizations doing research on how to recharge our aquifers. The work being done will prove that we can reverse ground water decline, revive springs, and protect our amazing Texas rivers. This work has been vetted as high as the Environmental Protection Agency as being the best in EPA region 6 when we won their GI/LID competition in 2017. 


Permaculture Design Process


The design starts with a phone call and an exchange of emails. We’ll need the address of the property, an outline of the property, and a full wish list of all the things you want to accomplish. The design is priced at a flat rate based on the context of the design.  We require 50% of the fee up front and final payment once the product is delivered. You receive a digital layered design that is very well organized and easy to use. You also receive a written report going over all the details on each layer of the design. The different layers can include but are not limited to climate, geography, water, access, buildings, forestry, fencing, soil, energy, economy (business), and recreation.  Clients get a first draft, and we discuss the layout together and decide on any changes that are needed. The second draft is more detailed and edited based on our decisions about the first draft. If the second draft is accepted, we complete a more detailed final draft. The process can take several months. We do not accept working with all clients or all properties. Any changes after the final draft is delivered will be billed hourly.

It’s time to embark on your own journey and become part of the new earth. Together we can make this nurture this world and create an eternal garden of Eden. 

Thanks, I look forward to meeting you.


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