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Need help selecting land to buy? Save thousands of dollars in development and maintenance costs, before you buy!
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Pre-Purchase Property Selection Service

Successful Texas Property Design starts before the land is purchased.

Buying property is one of the biggest investments that a family will make. It can be exciting and yet stressful. It is important to ensure that the new land owner will be able to accomplish their goals and avoid unnecessary challenges and mistakes. Choosing the right land not only helps to save money when developing the land but also in the long term cost of maintenance on the property. Our Pre-Purchase Property Selection service delivers the results you need.
Not every property is worth buying and some can lead to disaster. The shape of the property, terrain, aspect, land resources, and accessibility should all be assessed for ease of development and management. A professional pre-purchase property evaluation can be the most valuable investment for the subsequent land owner. This service often provides tens of thousands of dollars in savings and countless hours of the land owners priceless time saved during a lifetime of management on the property. The land should be enjoyable to work with, not a life long frustration.
Usually a buyer will have goals and dreams for their new property. They purchase land and only realize later on that the land that was selected has difficulties and expenses that were not anticipated.
I once had a client that was closing on a property call to hire me for a property design. When I asked to come see this property before closing, they declined this offer. Soon after I went to the property for the initial design consultation and could tell before entering the property that they should not have bought it. I pulled up to the gate of a long and narrow easement, the road was pure sand and looked more like a drain than a road. The property was low lying and prone to flooding. At one point my clients could not leave the property for a week because of flood conditions and high water over the road. The family started to get sick because the home was riddled with mold. It could not affordably be fixed and they had to walk away. The unnecessarily lost the home, the land and their dreams for the future. I also have clients who bought land that was incredibly steep, rocky and covered with cactus without realizing the challenges and limitations they would face on land of this type. Long and narrow properties have also put many clients at a significant disadvantage when pursuing their goals. Don’t let this happen to you!
Lifetime of Value
For incredibly low cost we can help you choose a property that fulfills your vision. Is there good water availability on the property and opportunity for redundancy? Will the property be accessible with a road that is easily maintained? Is there opportunity for successful orchards, gardens, animal grazing, or other enterprises? Is the shape of the land conducive to easy management or difficult management? Are there enough good building sites on the property to meet the land owner’s needs? Is the property private? If the land owner wants to produce food on the property, is there a market for these products? These and many more questions can be answered.
Initially we work with the client to communicate their vision for the future. The client verbalizes all their needs, wants and goals for the land. Together we develop this context with an initial phone consultation and follow up email correspondence. We give some selection criteria to begin the process. The client then sends property listings that interest them via email. Each listing is assessed remotely and given a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer and a short explanation of reasons why. The explanations help guide the selection process so the client can begin to see the better properties and skip over the poor properties. Usually we will find one ‘yes’ for every fifteen to twenty five listings. Once acceptable properties have been identified we meet for an onsite assessment at each one and compare the various properties. The client then purchases a property that has been hand picked for ease of sustainable design and ease of management.
Contact Before You Buy
Clients can send me property listings for FREE EVALUATION! If you have listing of a property that you are looking at, send it over and you get advice for zero cost. Site visits are charged hourly including half of the travel time at $50.00 an hour. Take advantage of this Pre-Purchase Property Selection Service now!
Email your listings to:
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