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Texas Prairie History

Texas Prairie History These quotes were assembled by Elenore Goode in order to provide historical context for our work in ecological restoration and regenerative agriculture. Quotes from the wonderful research on prairies of Del Weniger's The Explorers' Texas, The Lands and Waters: Prairies “We are led to think of...



History   Hill Country Flood in September 1952   The following information about the September flood of 1952 highlights intrinsic characteristics of drought and flooding in the Hill Country. Large amounts of precipitation fall in a very short time. Most of this rainfall is shunted off the land before...


Climate and Geography

Flood Proofing the Texas Hill Country Climate and Geography Flooding in the Texas hill country is largely a result of the locations unique climate and geography. In the fall of 2016 Leslie Lee wrote for the Texas Water Resource Institute: “Major flash floods are common along the Balcones...