Little Barton Creek Preserve - Drought Proof TX
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Little Barton Creek Preserve

This is a great ongoing restoration project in Dripping Springs, Tx. This caliche ledge had a longtime hardpan on the surface of the soil. Water could not infiltrate into the soil and the result was erosion and excess runoff. This system now soaks approximately 35,000 gallons of runoff into the soil every time it fills up. The berm was then covered with a diverse mixture of native seeds, a layer of compost, more seed and a top coat of mulch. We also planted over 30 different species of native trees and fruit trees. These plants protect the berm and will one day shade the ground keeping it cool and moist. This system was designed to use runoff to increase ground water recharge so that the beautiful forest below is passively irrigated and protected. We used a vast diversity of plants and seeds to jump start this sterile soil into a living system.  


August 27, 2016


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