Gopher Springs Farm - Drought Proof TX
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Gopher Springs Farm

This garden was designed by Kirby Fry, president of Earth Repair Corps. The garden terraces were laid out, precisely, using key line geometry. I was called in to do the honor of shaping this site with an excavator. The results are stunning and the neighbors still slow down to look when they drive by. We used these structures to take advantage of the runoff coming from uphill and across the road. Most of the soil that we worked here came into the property via erosion from the neighbors just uphill. Now we are catching that sediment and soaking in thousands of gallons of runoff into the soil during each heavy rainfall event. The berms were built to be garden beds for the forty five trees that were planted. The beds were mulched to protect the bare soil and protect the new plants. Earth Repair Corps arranged a Permablitz for the farm and fifty volunteers came to plant trees, spread mulch, spread seeds, and install irrigation. It is always an honor to be able to help and an inspiration to see the community come together and make something wonderful happen.


May 29, 2017


Ranch and Farm Land