Boxcar Farm & Garden - Drought Proof TX
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Boxcar Farm & Garden

In an amazing community effort this young farm completely transformed. Nearly 100 volunteers came to an event led by Earth Repair Corp.   Volunteers moved compost and mulch, planted seeds and trees.  During this inspirational event the group re-sided the barn, dug terraces, moved materials by hand, spread seeds, planted trees, installed irrigation, and had a great learning experience.

We were called to install the water harvesting conservation terraces that are a major part of the design for the property.  The larger “Keyline” terraces are parallel from a single contour line. The terraces harvest runoff and soak it into the ground; the berms will greatly increase the growth rate of the trees in the Agroforestry system that will be planted. The farm has pigs and chickens that are rotating and grazing the alleys. The smaller terraces were built as as water harvesting structures for a food forest garden. The garden will grow fruit, annual vegetables, perennial vegetables, and native plants utilizing the same space. Thank you to Boxcar Farm for being amazing land stewards and to Earth Repair Corp for the opportunity.


April 7, 2016


Ranch and Farm Land